Incodia switches to LED lighting as part of sustainability campaign


Incodia, the UK’s largest supplier of gift, loyalty and membership cards, and a provider of FMCG packaging, have switched to LED lighting throughout their production facilities as part of their sustainability campaign.

More efficient LED lighting has replaced traditional lighting across Incodia’s Essex and Lancashire sites to significantly reduce the company’s energy use.

“Replacing older lighting technology with LED lighting underlines our commitment to continuous improvement of our operations whilst doing our bit to help the planet. This initiative alone will halve our annual energy consumption for lighting, equivalent to saving over 50 tonnes of CO2 each year”, says Allan Lock, Chief Executive of Incodia.

Incodia produce over 250 million cards a year and over 200 million printed items for some of the biggest brands, retailers and membership organisations. They are also growing their focus on providing packaging in sectors including FMCG, toiletries, cosmetics and confectionery.

In a recent announcement, Incodia revealed their unique new 5R strategy, which sees them ‘Rethink’, ‘Reuse’, ‘Recycle’ and ‘Reduce’ the materials and energy they consume as part of their environmental ‘Responsibility’.

“As a market leader in supplying gift, loyalty and membership cards, it’s vital that we set an example for reducing our impact on the environment. We have been trusted by some of the UK’s leading brands for over 30 years and working together to improve sustainability is an important part of our relationships” adds Allan.

A recent investment in 8-colour printing technology, die cutters and other equipment at their Essex operation has not only improved quality but significantly reduced energy and waste, with the whole printing process under one roof.

With their unique Earth Cards range, Incodia have already helped over 150 major gift card programmes transition to paperboard cards, saving over 3,500 tonnes of plastic since 2017.

Most recently, Incodia have launched a more sustainable way to bind their cards and carriers. By collaborating with two global card payment partners, Incodia have engineered a highly innovative solution that replaces plastic bags with paper bands – significantly reducing single-use plastic from their clients’ supply chains.

Incodia have recently launched a new division to produce packaging and is working with a number of leading clients to produce it in the most sustainable way.

“With a growing packaging division alongside our successful card business, an increased focus on sustainability is pivotal. Switching to new lighting technology is just one element of our ongoing sustainability campaign with many more initiatives to follow” concludes Allan.

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